DWP Phone Number – 0843 487 1838

DWP phone numberThe Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is the UK’s largest public service delivery department with over 20 million customers. DWP is the ministerial department in charge of welfare and pension policy, supported by thirteen agencies and public bodies. DWP provides its services via various routes, for example through the Jobcentre Plus, the Pension Service and the Child Maintenance Service. The relevant DWP phone number to call depends on which of the DWP’s services the customer needs.

Work and related benefits

Customers who need advice about finding work, or applying for benefits when unemployed or unable to work, can call the Jobcentre Plus via the relevant DWP contact number. There is a separate DWP helpline number depending on whether the customer is searching for a job, wants to change their appointment, needs to check an existing claim, wants to submit a new claim, or wishes to make a complaint.

Pensions and related benefits

The Pension Service provides information for all current and future pensioners, whether they live in the UK or abroad. Advice about pensions, benefits and retirement is available through the relevant DWP phone number. Specific enquiries may be made about State Pension (e.g. eligibility, claiming, payments or a change in circumstances), Pension Credit, Winter Fuel Payment or Cold Weather Payment.

DWP phone numberChild Support and Maintenance

Child maintenance is financial assistance for children whose parents have separated. Child Support Agency (CSA) and Child Maintenance Service can be contacted through the relevant DWP helpline number to help with calculating and arranging the maintenance payments from the paying parent to the receiving parent, if the parents are unable to make their own, family-based arrangement. The correct DWP contact number to choose depends on whether advice is required about an existing case, which is dealt by CSA, or if a new application is made through the Child Maintenance Service. Customers can contact the appropriate DWP phone number, for example, to enquire about eligibility or the application process, to report non-payments, disagreements or changes, or to make a complaint.